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About Us

Ask any young girl, tween/teen or woman and they will admit they don’t like to wear the same exact thing twice. Rock-A-Pocket was created because we wanted to accessorize and update any wardrobe without buying a whole new one. Our pocket jewelry is the first and only fashion accessory made solely to glamorize any pocket on any clothing item without permanently altering your wardrobe. Our Rock-A-Pockets are easily attached and removed from any pocket with our stylish pins. When you wear a Rock-A-Pocket, pants, shorts, jeans and even jackets can be personalized with your own rocking style.

Rock-A-Pocket is a family owned company that brings a new and unique twist to the fashion jewelry and clothing industry. Costume jewelry is our favorite accessory and we love the new style of jeweled pockets on jeans. We did not rest until we figured out how to rock all our pockets-just not permanently. Rock-A-Wrist was a natural addition to our product line since we felt unique bracelets are a must have accessory for anyone and everyone.  Rock-A-Ring is our latest and greatest find handmade right here in Naperville, Illinois.

Our one of a kind accessories are designed to be worn for any and all occasions and will instantly transform your wardrobe from drab to fab. . We want to ensure all our customers “Arrive In Style” with our unique pocket jewelry, rocking rings, and bracelets.

On behalf of the "Rock-A" family, I can’t thank you enough for your support!